Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tween "music" has hit an all time LOW

Ok, most of us amongst the blog world are secretly undercover nerds,and we know everything that's going on in pop culture (how would our tweets be funny without being up to date on what's going on right?) and we see all the latest spoofs going on, Charlie Sheen's "winning rap", Paula Deen Riding various funny animals,etc. But I was a bit confused when I saw this girl "dancing" all over tumblr.

Um....WTF is THAT??! So I got a bit more clarity when my friend sent me a text with a link to this HOT mess of a video

I know I usually don't blog about stuff like this, but as a parent who prides herself in having children that are fans of GOOD music,and know what a record player is,and are truly being taught how great music can be , I just couldn't be quiet about what is happening with the poor youth today.(ha)
I feel sorry for whatever kids think this song is actually cool. Just when you thought Justin Beebs,and Willow Smith whippin' her haor all over the place were gonna drive you crazy,this little fool gives us lyrics like
"kickin in the front seat, kickin in the back seat, gotta make my mind up, which seat should i taaaaaaaaake?!"
OMG....how about ya just sit your lame ass down ANYWHERE and promptly STFU!!! I mean come on people, when I was this age I had the spice girls!

Sure they were cheesy, but secretly we all loved them, and they weren't THIS bad...
SERIOUSLY! I would seriously like to meet the tween that thinks this song is good,and promptly take them to the nearest punk show,and some kids squat house,then take them to the hood to learn all about keepin' it real...hell i'd even take them to Nashvilleto learn about country music...ANYTHING but this sorry excuse for music! So folks what's your take on the "greatest horrible lyrical genius" Rebecca Black? I must go listen to the Misfits or something while I recover.


  1. I could not agree with you more. I don't understand the music geared for kids these days. The hubs and I always say if we're gonna expose our kids to music we owe it to them to at least expose them to real musicians. On the plus side, I like her braces. It makes her seem more 'real' as a tween role model.

  2. I really just want to know who told this poor girl she could sing?
    It really amused me how much importance was given to the theme of SEAT LYRICS.
    "Front seat? Back seat?? OMG WHERE AM I GONNA SIT??!?!" I'm just so glad Rebecca Black finally realized how big of an issue car seat decisions REALLY ARE around the world.

  3. lol I have since found out that the production company has many more kids like Rebecca and their auto tuned voices on their label! I guess at least it's clean music...and I must admit...the ook is a tad bit catchy haha


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