Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fun in the Sun

Fridays weather was a lovely taste of the Spring weather we have to come.Yes,it was a little on the hot side (but that's just what happens in the south) So what, we deal. My day actually started out a little on the grumpy side. If you follow me via twitter you know I had a cold earlier this week, so I really wanted to spend another ay in bed asleep. But, I forced myself up and out and into a fun floral top that just sang:" Hello Spring! Hello Allergy Season! I welcome you!!!"

After letting the girls outside to play a bit, I did some standing around,

then finally ordered some lunch and decided to take Zoe and Amelie to the library.

We made a huge pile of books to bring home (which usually just takes a few seconds because Zoe and Amelie have the "grab any random book and throw it in the pile" method down like true champs! ) So we decided to sit around and read for a bit.

(How cute is that little book?!)
After we read a few books we decided it was time for some cold treats and some fresh air.

We then made our way to the most mellow park in town,where I took in the calm,and the girls chased birds with sticks and yelled loudly....yep...HA!

Nonetheless, I was happy,and the girls were playing not fighting so it was all good.

I really think going to the park was MY favorite part of our little time together because I got a chance to sit in the grass(without having a sneezing fit and read a bit (as well as yell "hey stop that!!" at the girls)

I really don't know what it is lately, but the girls seem to get in to quite a few arguments about pointless stuff,the fresh air seemed to really help them get along a little better.

All in all our Friday wasn't the biggest most super fun day, but we really did have fun simply enjoying the simple things around us and being truly grateful that winter is behind us.



  1. we went to sonic yesterday. this weather has been perfect for ice cream!

  2. also...what part of tennessee are you in?

  3. oh the weather was perfect for ice cream! this may become a problem this summer ha! we live in west tennessee:) but we really want to move to Nashville,we love it!


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