Friday, February 25, 2011

Date Night Diggs

Tomorrow night the Mr. and I are going to see a fave band by the name of cursive!

I'm sure you know them,if not I'll include some videos for your viewing and listening pleasure:

Le sigh...such GREAT music !!
We are mucho excited about my mom and dad letting the little bits spend the night at their house,so we can go out and dance freely to live music and at some point stuff our faces with Indian food. Since the show is tomorrow night I don't really have any "what we wore pictures" yet...(duh) So I'll show you guys what we wore a month or so ago on our date night.

on Kevin:
jacket-have no clue it was a gift i got him a long time ago
shirt-urban outifitters
shoes puma

on me:
jacket-i got it when i was 17 at Gadzooks (remember that store?!)
boyfriend v neck tee-target
belt-tj maxx

As most of you moms and dads know, date night are pretty huge and very important.Sometimes however on said date nights, us poor moms and dads don't exactly know what to do sans kiddos. Like for instance the night we wore the before pictured outfits.We went out to eat(after we volunteered to pick my parents and the girls dinner up) then we went home thinking we would watch some tv before heading out for slices of pie and coffee...however, "tired parent syndrome" set in and we...fell asleep?! How LAME is that? Ha! So needless to say, we are very excited to see cursive tomorrow night but I have no idea how we will fare in our old element of "the show" Wish us luck that we don't fall asleep at mid performance of the openers! I'm sure the majority of the night will eb spent talking about cute stuff that Zoe and Amelie did,and I'm sure at some point we will end up somewhere that has something I just have to get them. But all in all it will be nice not to have to go home and give baths,read stories and have bed time drama like every other night.I'm not sure when we will get to go out on another date night after tomorrow night, so I will try my very best to have FUN ! (you have my "tired parent syndrome" promise on that!


  1. thanks mama! oh i need to add your blog to my side list!! ;)

  2. I'm seriously LOL.. You described parent date nights perfectly. The hubs and I usually spend dinner chatting about the kids. Or end up at target where in ultimately buy them stuff. We actually had a sitter for v-day and we were home and in bed before 10:30. Ugh.

    Your skirt is super cute. Well, you're whole outfit is super cute.

    Have fun tonight!


  3. just found your blog - SUCH a cute family!!!!


  4. wow, you should wear dark lipstick more often, it flatters you so much!!! xoxoxoxo Trine

  5. We did much better last night and actually stayed out until 2:00 am! (SCORE!)
    Thanks for all the sweet compliments ladies! <3 Oh and yes red lipstick is my new FAVE!!! (I'm just happy I don't look silly in it!)
    adrienne K.


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