Sunday, August 1, 2010

my future is bright and full of color...

I know it's been a month of Sunday's since I've last written. Life hasn't been dull (AT ALL!!) We have had high, highs and low, lows. But amongst all the chaos, life has been bringing us lately, I have been truly BLESSED with wonderful life changing news.....


Here's my super pretty acceptance package that came in the mail for me!!:)

I will be attending Memphis College of Art in ....about three weeks!!! I will be majoring in visual arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. :) (This blog will surely be getting a make over or two while I'm in school) I will be sooo happy to put my Mac to use for creative endeavors.

Here's the school...

and another cool night shot...

Memphis college of art is inside of the Brooks Museum of art in Overton Park in Memphis Tennessee. I live an hour and a half away the school so I will be driving there for classes two to three days a week. It seems a bit extreme but it's an amazing school and the prospect of being surrounded by so many creative people moves me (right on down the highway) :)

We are making the trek there Tuesday to view the school and talk things over with some people to make sure every things in place. I did get a bit bummed thinking things were not going to fall in place financially but I trust that everything is going to work out.

I am so excitred to finally share this info with you guys! Sadly I won' be able to drive back and forth to Mississippi to work at the tattoo shop anymore (I may help out once or twice a month) But my tattoo shop family knows that this is a true dram Im pursing, nad who knows, once Im done with school throw myself back into the world of tattoo shops and actual apprentice to tattoo.

Possibilities are endless in the world of art....<3



  1. w00p w00000p!
    contgrats girlie!

    i dont got to an art school but im in school for graphic design and its SO much fun!

    you'll love it!


  2. yay! thanks!!! kevin and i went to comm. college for graphic design (thats where we met actually) but the teachers had no clue what they were doing so this is a fresh start for me! thanks so much!!


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