Sunday, June 27, 2010

What I wore....

Ok I'm going to do two posts today(I would include my outfits in the other post to combine the two but its a very special entry so I'll separate the two)
Ok the first outfit, I think I wore Wednesday?

And one more...

Wednesdays outfit details:
Shorts: target
Footless tights: macys
necklace:hot topic
gladiator sandals:target

And now Fridays outfit (I LOVE this one!!)

Back of dress details:

The cutest sandals ive gotten this summer!!!!

Fridays outfit details:
Dress: target
leggings: F21
sandals: rainbow
necklace: sanrio store
Bow: idk

okie dokie thats what I've been wearing!!! Hope you like :)

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