Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quick post (what I wore monday)

My root canal went fine! Thanks so much for all my well wishes on here and twitter:) I'll bee back working at the tattoo shop tomorrow hopefully.I will take today easy as my mouth hurts a bit (but nothing some aspirin and a homemade chocolate milkshake can't cure right?!)
My quick little post is my outfit from yesterday (cause going to the dentist calls for a cute outfit too right?!) ;)

Glasses details...(see my poor swollen mouth ugh so happy the dentist fixed me up lol)

Necklace detail (cute huh? i made it!!) :)

Shoes close up...

and another full shot

Outfit details:
footless tights-macys
heart glasses-hot topic
antique sewing machine necklace-handmade by me for Little A.Korn Designs
purse-converse for target
shoes-satin cherry blossom converse
Ok time to go make a chocolate milkshake and watch more Daria DVDs (yes Kevin did get them for me awwwwwe) tata til next time!!


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adrienne K.