Monday, June 21, 2010

Little Miss Sweet Tooth Strikes Again!!!

So, my while life I've only had one cavity!!! But last week my tooth began KILLING me and I made an emergency trip to the dentist.There ,I learned the bad news, I was going to have to have a root canal!!!!! Apparently I had a cavity in my top left tooth for quite awhile and now the poor little sweet tooth is un-savable!

(how cute is "little miss sweet tooth"? I drew her this morning just for the "occasion" at hand.)
While I was surely in shock that I was going to have to get a root canal, I must admit, I wasn't surprised! I have definitely devoured my fair share of gummy bears,sharks,worms, dinos, octopi, etc in my life and even though I'm i n my 20s my love of gummy bears is still strong.And eating them before bed,then passing out without brushing ones teeth is NOT advisable!!!
I'm very scared about this procedure (I may have my fair share of piercings and tattoos, but the thought of a dentist drilling and what not on my poor little teeth scares me to no end!)
The only good thing I can think of all this, is endless milkshakes,smoothies,and noodle soup.(and my mouth won't be swollen like a prize fighter anymore) And HOPEFULLY Kevin is sweet enough to buy me Daria on DVD to watch while Im in bed with horrid pain :(

So if I'm M.I.A on my little blog here for a few days, just have happy thoughts of me in bed with a chocolate milkshake giggling in bed while watching dear Daria,Jane,and Trent do funny 90s type stuff:)

Now for the "happier""sweeter?" stuff
My outfit from Saturday (well one of them I ended up changing into another outfit for work (a cute thrifted polka dot mini skirt) (but alas I didnt take pictures:(

Saturdays clothes:

(*dont we looove the crappy iphone bathroom mirror pic?!? sorry I was in a hurry)
shoes and close up of the dress pattern

dress:(this is actually a swim suit cover up but paired with a tank it makes a cute dress) Target
necklace-sanrio store
purse-converse for target
sandals- hot tomato



  1. I had a root canal almost 2 years ago. it was NOTHING compared to the pain of the toothache. Once you get the shots to numb your mouth, just think happy thoughts and/or ask to use some headphones to drown out the drilling noise. the noise is by far the worst part! Also, if you feel even the sliiiightest bit of pain, ask for another shot! I think I asked twice. I didn't mind drooling all day, so long as I didn't feel them drilling out the nerve of my infected tooth. ifyaknowwhatimeeean! Make sure you get a crown ASAP, to avoid it getting re-infected. good luck!!

  2. ooooh, good luck with that teeth thing...ouch...;-/

    i love that anchor dress!!! oh how i wish target had shops in germany! and your anchor-tattoos are totally awesome!

    xoxo trine

  3. awe thanks lisa!! i really will be happy to get this tooth under control (its made my lip swell up i look a bit insane haha)

    *trine* thanks so much :) there is always target online! do they ship to germany? thanks about the anchor tattoos! they are my newest and most fave :)

  4. I love Daria! Sorry to hear about your root canal. I hate dentists. I've been to the dentist more this year than I have in my whole life haha. Like you my suagry ways have caught up with me.

  5. oh i love little daria too!! i watched almost all of disc one (so im no where near through yet...which makes me somewhat giddy) my mouth hurts abit now,but it was no where near as bad as I thought it would be :)


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