Tuesday, June 8, 2010

just call me mrs green thumb!

I must admit we have been hiding inside a lot lately from the brutal southern sun.But one thing we have been doing outside is building up our little garden! last year our garden was all flowers!

It was indeed the happiest little site outside of the windows each day! This year our little garden box is all about the veggies! We have lettuce and radishes,squash and tomatoes! Nothing feels better than getting out in the yard and digging around with the garden tools!

Having a family garden is so much fun and practical in so many ways.Getting outside as a family (or by yourself) and all working toward a common goal is so much fun and very rewarding. Zoe and Amelie are able to watch food and flowers grow from tiny little seeds into a nice fresh salad on their dinner plates,or a beautiful bouquet of flowers we can bring to gramma!
Also having a summer garden helps keep little ones busy with a very important "job"This helps with the unfilled hours of summer boredom that sometimes occur!

Helping children understand with hard work they can make things grow will also help them in their daily lives and as they get older.
And of course another obvious benefit of having a garden (flower or food) is that you dont have to pay high grocery store prices for things that may have been grown using chemicals and such.Also you dont have to pay the high cost for fresh flowers! You just go to your yard and clip a few pretties to bring in the house as a decoration or gift!
We still, however take our trips to the farmers market for things we are not growing. But seriously, I can not give enough praise for the love I have of gardening and watching the miracle of making things grow!!

Our love of gardening isnt just limited to our home built garden box, we also have lots going on in a small container garden on the patio! (This is where my flowers and herbs are this year)

I hope this post made you wanna get out and start a garden this summer (or at least get a nice house plant?!) Oh yeah one more awesome thing about gardening?! Cut little garden gnomes!!!(duh!!)

If you are wondering how to make your own garden box.There are directions on how we created ours at ohdeedoh.com (Our garden box was featured on their outdoor space contest last year. It's a very easy build and doesnt take long at all!!!
click here to see our garden box and directions to make your own!


  1. awww i love the pictures in this post!! so cute :) i hope your garden does well...i'm planting all kinds of flowers right now and it just makes me so happy. :D

  2. hiya lady!! i love these little pics too! nice and calm lol oh i REALLY miss my flower garden this year! It was SO magical last year!! good luck!!

  3. i wished i had a green thumb..no plant survives me longer than a year :/

  4. awwwe!:( well i think its the outside stuff that works well for us !most of or plants inside dont seem to make it (although we do have two new plants that are still green) lol


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