Saturday, June 12, 2010

breakfast crew(foods for your fancy)

Yesterday morning we decided we would spend some family time (stuffing our faces full of food) before I had to go to work at my very first day at the tattoo shop(more on that in another post!) We all decided that Perkins was the best choice in our little town (so that mommy could have a choice other than pancakes that give me a horrible tummy ache!)
(oh fickle me lol)
The girls decided to get some strange little drink concoctions of red syrup, sugar, water and hyper?! I took a sip of Zoe's and it was very yucky indeed , but I guess kids like em so whatev!

One thing about living in the south, is that people do most of their bonding over food (cookouts,picnics,church events,parties etc ALL are planned around food.I suppose it's not TOO bad you can stuff your face with delicious treats in moments of awkward silence and conversation can then be lead to "how simply wonderful the food is! I just MUST have your recipe!
Despite this strange, at times disturbing trend (the south has more severely overweight people than any other regions of the US) memories are still made this way and certain tastes will always bring your mind back to special occasions and happy or sad thoughts.

Yesterdays "breakfast tastes included:

pancakes piled high with more sugary goodness for the girls! More pancakes for Kevin.And mini chimis for me!

After stuffing our faces,giggling,and telling Amelie repeatedly to stop yelling (until Kevin had to remove her and himself from the restaurant to go and sit in the car for time out! )(sheesh YAY TWO!!) Zoe and I headed up to the counter to pay and noticed ...more delicious treats! Behold baked goodness!!!!!

So,that was our lovely family food fueled bonding time! Now we are about to head out in search of more food (this time in the healty variety at the local farmers market!) I hope everyone has a good Saturday filled with fun,food,and many happy memories!!


  1. that's some really nice pictures!!!

    btw thanx for your lovely comment <3
    have a nice sunday

  2. thank you!!! its the hipstamatic camera app for iphone!! your work is indeed lovely and deserves compliments!!! hope to talk to you soon! have a happy day!!
    adrienne K.


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