Monday, June 7, 2010

colors n candies

This week will be a very busy week for little ol' me! I am applying to art school!! After months of debate and being one college course away from an assoc. degree of graphic design, Im taking the plunge and getting my portfolios ready to mail off to two different art schools. I'm sure this week will bring lots of beautiful colors in the form of pastels paints and pencils...

I'm going to try to remain positive and remember my love of art while I get the "paper work" side of things together and while I toil over which pieces to include in my portfolios! I feel a bit nervous about my attempts to enter art school,not because I can't do it, but because I know I'm a bit older than the other students and I've been out of the graphic design game for a few years now. It's also a bit of a nerve puller to get a portfolio together and have people judge your art.... which in my opinion is just the heart expressed in different media! But,you do go to school to learn after all, and because I know the importance of this to me now, I have a feeling I will be working very hard to be the best I can in each and every class I take. In the meantime I think I will enjoy some sweets while I feel out FAFSA forms and download my best work onto cds...

Yeah that may sweetin things up a bit!


  1. eeep! my fingers are crossed for you, lover.
    what an exciting time for you! i'm sure whatever happens you will continue to make beautiful art.


  2. oh katie thank yo uso much dear!! your blog is so much inspiration! youre doing GREAT!! i need to get back on the blogging train lol

  3. awe thank you lisa!!! ps ive missed u bunches :( i REALLY need to be a better blogger lol


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