Thursday, May 20, 2010

capturing summer days...i want to keep close...

Today it's rainy and gloomy. I've been shuffling about the living room re-arranging furniture and ripping off chair covers in hopes to spruce up our little space. All this because of the rain and because I cant take two little ladies out to play and frolic. In memory of happy warm days(just a few days ago to be exact) I'll share with you some pictures of out door adventures. (In hopes of many more to come)

Summer has a kit in our house,it usually includes:sidewalk chalk,bubbles,water shooters,and other random outdoor toys,that can be easily taken outside for hours of kiddie delight!

On this particular day,we packed our kit up and took it to my parents house for some outdoor fun :)

Like I mentioned in my last post,I've been so very busy now that I'm working again,Kevin's work schedule has changed too,so our little family seems to be all over the place (doing nothing of any particular importance) I've REALLY been missing blogging,so my goal is to get it back to where it was (and even better!)

I hope this rainy day finds you well! Thinking of new creative (colorful) things to create and move into your world, but right now I have a chair and foot stool to cover in some fun fabric!

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