Monday, December 7, 2009

a beautiful blizzard of (paper) snow!

I have been cutting many ,many glorious paper snowflakes...

I think I'm doing a pretty grand job!!

I have always read about people not being able to stop cutting out paper snowflakes once they, I fully understand! I even think I had dreams about snowflake cutting last night!But of course sleeping under a ton of them,might be causing thoughts of paper crafting to invade my dreams...

The snowflake garland was on the head board but I figured Amelie would rip it down,so I moved it to the ceiling.
I am in the process of adding lots more,

I can't seem to stop!!

Such a beautiful blizzard of (paper) snow!!!!

Hope everyone is having a happy Monday! And trust me when I say,if your day is yucky ,get some paper and cut some paper snowflakes,and all the yuckies will float away!


  1. this post made me laugh because nick and I have a snowflake crafting date tomorrow night while the kids are away at their memas!

  2. ha! looove it! i wish kevin would do that! he was mad at the papers being in the bed

  3. Cutting snowflakes has always been one of my favorite things, ever since grade school! The more intricate the better, and I especially love cutting little heart shapes into them, too! I've been thinking of hanging a bunch in Elliot's window, but my crafty bone has been overwhelmed by the "OMG, the house is a disaster, but I don't feel like doing crap about it!" mood.

  4. uh yes!!!i kept fussing about that in the middle of my snowflake making yesterday!!! (if only you could seethe floor next to me in those pictures lol)

  5. I'm a new follower of your blog, and I so admire your creativity! And your daughters are beautiful! I'm jealous of your snowflake-making-abilities; I am absolutely the world's worst snowflake maker! I just can't seem to get it right! lol

  6. SSchenkel,oh thank you!!! omg omg omg let me tell YOU i JUST figured out the whole snowflake i must have done it as a child but forgot?!? it's soooo easy!! i will have to post a tutorial! once you start you wont be able t stop lol


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