Wednesday, October 14, 2009

wee little cookie creators...

Yesterday (and today for that matter) it has been raining,yucky misty rain all day.So I called Renee and Conchata and told them we didnt't have to make cookies.However I did end up baking cookies with two other awesome ladies...

This my dear readers was not as easy and fun as it looks in these pictures...well,it was fun but I tell you it was NOT easy to let the girls have full control over how much frosting they gooped onto each cookie,how many sprinkles they wasted or how big of an over all mess they made!Yes I am all about kids doing projects and creating BUT I have never FULLY let the girls just..."go" I got all or stuff ready to go...

Got our sugar cookie dough ready...

And then I let the girls go ,all on their own,using the leaf and pumpkin cookie cutters at their leisure,and just have fun.

Their cookie shapes ended up turning out pretty good I thought.

The goobed on frosting and wild sprinkles are another story lol.

This was definitely a fun experience letting Zoe and Amelie make their very own cookies.Maybe this will be the push I need to let them do their projects all by themselves without me butting in from now on?!
(oh and a side note im so sorry these pictures look so funky like I said it was rainy and dark out and I couldn't get any good light:(

In other events,Zoe is having "orange day" at her school tomorrow,I think I might take it as a challenge for myself to find lots of pretty orange things to photograph tomorrow?!Waht about you?You should have your own "orange day" tomorrow!!


  1. Looks so fun!! I'd love to see all the orange.

  2. it was very fun indeed and we are still munching cookies lol (kev and i may be eating a few more than the girls haha!) im excited about orange day it will be a fun challenge to find lots of orange when we are out and about tomorrow:)


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