Sunday, October 25, 2009

pumpkins and (dear) prudence

I am cleaning house,decorating with mini pumpkins all about and listening to siouxsie and the banshees...feels like Halloween now :)

I REALLY need to get some jelly bellies and gumballs for those dont i?!

Such a happy stack of books.

(incase you are wondering about the typewriter it is an underwood standard portable typewriter 1924 i believe)
siouxsie makes my Halloween Happy....

Have a good Sunday.Take some time to relax and enjoy the beautiful fall colors all around!!


  1. Love all the pumpkins. :) I think we need one more before our collection is complete.

  2. i feel the same! we got a white pumpkin the otehr day...i still want a few big pumpkins though!!! they are good decorations for even after halloween!!


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