Wednesday, October 28, 2009

painting pumpkins...

The other day the weatehr was PERFECT and the girls were WILD.So,I took them in the backyard for some pumpkin painting....
such gorgeous pictures...

yay paint...



Such pretty painted baby pumpkins!I love how they gooped the pain on there!! Very nice texture effect!!

It wa nice to take a break from all hte runningaround we are always doing and just let the girls go CRAZY with paint.

A truly beautiful messy mess of goodies!

After awhile the girls painted a few leaves too lol

Yay fall!!!

We have been so busy with lots of fun Halloween and FAll activities lately,(and lots of test taking ,studying,and bow making for craft festivals in between )
(I will have to tell you about all our fun soon) We have been invited to fun pumpkin parties,we are putting the last touches on costumes,I have stitched together 35 felt pumpkin treat bags,SO much!!!,but atleast it's mostly fun stuff right? !I'm still very tired ...My life philosophy is "embrace the season" and I truly think we have been doing that this FAll! Soon it will be time for Thanksgiving,and it just me or has this year flown by?!?!


  1. This year HAS flown by soooo incredibly fast! The pumpkins are adorable, and the colors are just gorgeous! Looks like a fun little project!

  2. I love how creative you are with your girls. It's so inspiring :) They'll grow up to be awesome artists/crafters I'm sure!

    This year HAS flown by...I'm actually ready for 2010 though. I love having a new year to start all over and evolve :D

  3. So fun. Glad you're enjoying time with the kiddos. :)

  4. im happy you all agree that this year has gone so fast!!! melanye,i too look forward to a new year with lots of new goals!i hope the girls will grow up to like art,they do so much now they could possible hate it once they are older lol!! Dee Dee, it is fun doing stuff like this with the girls (i usually get bored playing "babies" or with barbies with them ha!


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