Wednesday, October 21, 2009

party party FOUR!!

Saturday was Zoe's birthday party!It was freezing cold outside but inside it truly felt like an under the sea island fiesta!! Here's some of the decorations and such...
The table center piece was a little sand bucket (filled with sand and shells and a four cut out of shell paper on the ctricut cutter)(oh how I adore the cricut cutter now lol)

I wanted eating at the table to really feel like we were really under the sea so I taped up (what seemed like a MILLION streamers) (tis took a few hours...I was up until Two in the morning getting the streamers cut and taped

I put my handmade party flags in the area going into the hallway.I still love them(I hung them in the girls room cause they are to pretty to put in a box :)

Had to decorate one of our many chalkboards...

Everything had an under the sea or island theme,I blew up a wading pool we had and got some inexpensive little magnetic fish and fishing poles and called it the "fishing pond"

Zoe's present area was called "Zoe's Sunken Treasures"

I found some of those sun catcher thingies for Zoe and Amelie to paint at the "under the sea crafting station"
And of course the drink bucket was called the "island refreshment" stand

Beach balls and balloons!!

We ate under the sea food..(baked fish,squash,zucchini,brown rice,and rolls.)

Here's the cake (Zoe really likes nemo so we thought it would be a different pace than my homemade was cute but everyone (even Zoe and Amelie agreed it was GROSS) I think everyone was disappointed to not get my buttercream frosted delightful cupcakes :( I missed them too,and we will NEVER buy another cake bleh!!! lol)

Happy fourth birthday Zoe bear!We love you!!

now i have to think of a theme for Amelie's second birthday (it's two weeks after Christmas...yay?!!?)

ps i wanna give a big happy hello to my five followers!!!im so thrilled to know SOMEBODY is reading/looking at my ramblings and pictures!!anyone else reading feel free to follow me and everyone leave lots of comments i just get a kick out of comments ha!


  1. The party looks like it was adorable! :) My daughter turns 4 Jan 9th, and I never know what to do for a bday right after Christmas.

  2. Hi Adrienne!
    I was a friend of yours on Livejournal, my username was ickypicky_pooka, but I closed up my lj. I tracked you down because I missed your crafty posts! I plan to start blogging here on blogger, but haven't felt motivated enough yet!

  3. Oh, I meant to add that Miss Zoe's party looks incredible!! And supermarket cakes can never beat homemade yummies! I'm already mentally planning my son's second birthday party and it's not until June, haha! What's even worse is that I've been trying to figure out a theme for my daughter's 1st birthday...and she's not even due until the end of January!

  4. Dee Dee,
    isnt it SO hard having a party so close after christmas?!?!? amelie's birthday is jan. 8th and last year (her FIRST birthday i nearly FORGOT!!! i was SO tired I looked at the calendar one day and was like....omg i need to get SOMETHING going lol

    Edie,OMG i thought your picture looked familiar!! yeah, i left livejournal...i just wanted to branch out i guess?! i had a live journal since i was like nineteen!!so it was time to move on and meet some new (and old) friends!!! i didnt know you were expecting!!so sweet!!you will surely have to start blogging on here! i missed you when you left LJ!!


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