Monday, October 12, 2009

artful fall adventures

Saturday,after waiting in a house full of plumbers,fixing stuff in our bathrooms,my mom,Zoe,Amelie,and I headed out to an area college's annual Fall Art Festival.We went last year and had a BLAST.We had fun this year but it was COLD!!

It's a very neat idea,all the tickets cost a quarter,and no art project is more than 2 tickets.Zoe and Amelie painted,

made necklaces,puppets,shakers,and "aquariums".We also ate hot dogs afterward,but really and truly it was so COLD I'm not sure if any of us had the great time we had last year?!

They really should have sold hot coa coa to warm up the little artists.:) They did have lots and lots of craft booths set up though,Zoe's little friend from school was there and her mom had her awesome booth set up.(they make bows,monogramed shirts,tutus,etc)(yeah lots of what I make only they do it a bit better lol)They also had a mini pumpkin patch set up. I thought it was pretty.

Well,Im off to school and then I have a list a mile long of stuff to do this week.Zoe's birthday party is SATURDAY!!! (jeez) my aunt and I went and picked up some stuff for the party yesterday,but I still have a lot left to do.

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