Wednesday, September 23, 2009

putting myself to the test...

WOW! Today I had my first test in the teaching class I am taking this semester.I have spent the past five days in some sort of crazy daze studying every spare second I get! The other night when Zoe woke up so sick,I was holding her in one arm,Amelie woke up,so I was holding her in the other arm,and somehow looking over flash cards,with my book light! I as a very silly sight indeed.I'm very happy the first test is behind me! And I can once again use paper

and pencils for more creative least until it's time to study for the next test!

I also talked to my Education Major counselor this morning and discovered that if I take classes full time,I will be able to graduate with my associates degree at the end of next year! So I have a lot to think about as far as school goes...full time school will be very hard since I'm a mommy of two,but "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" right?! So I shall put this issue into prayer. BUT, today wasn't all about my educational endeavors ,Zoe also had a mini play date with Zoe...(yes her friends name is Zoe) (she thinks this is so funny!) We had a very god time and can't wait to do something else with Zoe and her mom! Any way...
Good night blog land! Tonight I am working on a fun creative gift for the girlies,I will hopefully get to share with you all soon!

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