Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Super Chill Park Dwellers

As most of you know I got to an art school and hour away from where we live! (yikes) Gas prices and money for materials are killing this one income family right now. This can be pretty hard on a mama that loves to go,go,go and do tons of stuff,and yes,spend money like water.So,in an effort to feed my wanderlust and cabin fever, I am constantly thinking of stuff to do for the low low,or better yet,for free.

Saturday, I was in no mood to be stuck in the house (which was pretty hot because it was even hotter outside) So I decided while Kevin was taking a nap,I would take the girls to our favorite park,for some super chill out time.

I packed up any and everything I could think of that would be fun (and quiet) to do in a some what chilled park. With nearly all the neat stuff we owned packed into an over sized hello kitty nautical tote,off we went!
Once we got there I was super excited to see that not that many people had the same idea as we did, so we got to sit under the prettiest shade tree in the park.

We set up all our stuff on our sheet (yeah ghetto I know lol) But like I said,not many people were around so it wasn't too embarrassing!

To my surprise, the girls weren't too bad (yay) no fighting or yelling, and I actually got to lay in the grass relax and paint a bit! (woot!)

ps (I'm totally not painting major at the before mention art school lol)
It had been way too hot earlier in the day, but we kept getting nice breezes which made it bearable.I'm happy Zoe and Amelie got to spend some time outside,and I was able to get out of the house (I HATE being cooped up) and it was all for free! WOOT! Going to this park I swear is like a mini vacation it's so quiet! I'm not one fpor loud annoying playgrounds (we have a swing set in our back yard so I avoid those germy fests all costs...lame? ) I dunno I guess I'm just weird and phobia ridden like that?!
But I don't think Zoe and Amelie mind,they're pretty chill in they're own rite.


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