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Mommy Has Tattoos Mondays! (version 9!!)

So last week I featured my friend Miya Bailey,and low and behold this weeks BEAUTIFUL mama has a piece of art by him (small world?) I met Shawnta through a friend on twitter:) She has been so patient with me and my constant nagging to do this feature! (thanks!!!) I am in LOVE with her work and I'm sure you will enjoy it too!! Now onto this weeks:

Name:(first name is fine) Shawnta
# of children: 2 daughters
blog : click here for Shawnta's Blog!
twitter: Shawnta's Tweets!
youtube: Shawnta's YouTube Channel!

Here's Shawnta's interview...
1. What do your children have to say about your tattoos?
My girls love my tattoos, especially the ones that represent them. They love my tattoo artist and enjoy their visits to the tattoo shop. All their little friends come up to me to see my tattoos and comment how cool they are, so I think they are proud to get to go home with the 'cool momma' everyday. They are my little helpers and put lotion and rub them to keep me from scratching when they are healing lol.

2. Since we're on the subject of moms and tattoos,what does your mom have to say about your tattoos?
My mom passed away long before any of these tattoos came to be, but I have got my fair share of motherly "what the hell you go and do that for" from my auntie. At 71 I don't think she will ever understand my motivation and has the usual concerns of me not being able to support myself because of my artwork.

3. How do other un tattooed moms or parents react to your tattoos?
In Maryland I got a lot of positive feedback on my tattoos and questions about where I got them done, if that hurt, things like that, but in Texas....whole different ball game. I get a lot of stares here, and sometimes they compliment me on something that I am wearing like a plain ole white t-shirt to justify why they were looking at me for so long.

4.Do you ever try to hide your tattoos from your child's teachers,friends parents, etc?
No. I actually show them to feel people out , because if I'm not accepted then how can I expect you to accept my wonderfully unique little girls.

5.Do you have any tattoos dedicated to your children?If not do you plan on getting any?
Yes, I have both their zodiac signs and two koi fish within my sleeve for them.

6. How will you react if and when your children start getting tattoos?
What!!! I so want to be there! I hope they still think I'm cool enough to tag along with them lol! I will only stress for them to take care of them properly when they are healing so that they will be 100% happy with it in the end, and think twice about a name.....especially a guys name :)

7.How did you feel about your tattoos during and after pregnancy?(I have stomach tattoos so that was interesting to say the least!)
I have a small bumble bee on stomach that I got before the pregnancies. She has weathered them pretty well actually, just a little dull, but it is 12 years old. Now the fat rolls are a different story! She would probably get more sunlight if it wasn't for them!

8. Do you think your tattoos effect your child's social schedule (for instance Sam's mom doesn't really want Sam to play with your child because of your tattoos) Have you ever faced this type of challenge as a tattooed mom?
I have not and I have my children and them being so close in age to thank for that. They never express interest in playing with other kids outside of school as they are very content with each other and our various adventures.

9. Is there anything you would like to let those un tattooed parents that may judge you as a tattooed mom?
I would want them to judge me by how smart and respectful my children are and not what I have decided to put on my skin.

10. Do you plan on getting more tattoos?
I probably will. I'm thinking about getting some pieces done in color since I have so much in black and grey. Tattoos are almost an obsession for me. Not a day doesn't go by that I don't look at a tattoo blog or look up my favorite artist to see the new stuff in their portfolio.

Sleeve and crab work done by Imani K. Brown of Pinz and Needlez Tattoo in Washington, DCwebsite
Ganesha done by Miya Bailey of City of Ink in Atlanta, GA Miya Bailey's Blog

Thank You SO much Shawnta! All of your work is so very beautiful! And I am truly loving that all the moms thus far are not hiding all their beautiful work, even if some people don't get it.That just goes to show that they are all setting great examples for their kiddos! ("just be yourself")
As always email me if you are interested in doing this super fun feature,or if you know of a mom that you think would be a great feature! Thank you again SO much to all my moms thus far, you all are SO patient with me LOVE ya!!


  1. I loove this feature!! Shawnta's tattoos are simply beautiful and actually sometimes you would think that she was born with them :) Through her, I have learn more about the art of tattoing and I appreciate it so much more. I am really looking forward to getting my first one

  2. I love this feature and am def now subscribed to your blog! I agree with Amina on Shawnta's tats. I love that she puts thought into her pieces before she gets them done. Def an inspiration for any future art I get done, esp that sleeve - its gorg!


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