Thursday, September 9, 2010

clothes update!

So I know I've been blogging MIA for a while now!:( School, is kicking my hiney, and as i type this, my throat is raw and my nose is runny (Oh sickness has found me:( However, I want to try to do a few updates today to let you lovelies know what's been going on in my little world...(if my computer will cooperate...So to ease back into it all I'll start off with a fashion update :)
I'm really happy with the direction I've been going with my fashion lately, since money hasn't been flowing , I've been mixing old, with somewhat new to get different looks and frequenting the thrift store to get my "new" clothes fixes. I do however plan on getting some Fall items soon and I am stoked about the CHEAP purchase I made today: two pair of suede ankle boots, and three pair of tights for $15.77!!!! Oh the joys of working in retail and reaping the clearance benefits!

Ok the first outfit is the perfect example of mixing old with some what new. For a fresh new look! I wore this Sunday to my parents house stuff my face with BBQ!:)

dress-converse for target
belt-rainbow (kids belt)
tights-tj maxx

The next outfit has been a big hit on my flickr and I got lots of compliments on it the day I wore it to work.It was a fun outfit to wear and most of the stuff is from target.

tights-tj maxx

Ok, this outfit is a thrifting gem! I got the skirt for like $2!!! I love the modern simplicity of the outfit.

where its all from:
necklace-hot topic

This outfit was a HUGE change for me (ie no skirt or dress) I wore it to school on an off day to get work done in illustrator for my design class. I feel like this look is actually a bit sexy, rather than the usual cute look I go for. I must say I really liked it and have plans to wear many more oversized altered tees with leggings and motorcycle boots for fall.

run down:
shirt-my husbands (altered)

This outfit was another thrift store surprise. I say surprise because when I bought it I thought it was a skirt, but low and behold it was very loose shorts! But I still enjoyed them. :)

close up of the accessories:

where its all from:
necklace-hot topic

The last one is what I wore to school yesterday.I've had this dress for about a month now, but wanted to have the right weather to wear it in, so yesterday seemed like the perfect day .I really like this dress because i can see pairing it with gray suede boots,a cardigan, etc, when it gets colder!

dress-charlotte russe
belt-rainbow(kids belt)
necklace-hot topic

Okie dokie! Hope you enjoy!


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  1. I'll be up there to steal that run dmc ensemble soon LOL! Girl you're killin' it! I love all of these outfits :D


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