Sunday, August 1, 2010

five outfits for you to view? :)

Sheesh I'm so behind, but Im getting up to date pretty good I here's a run down of some of my clothes lately (in the 90 degree (plus)weather of the south)
I've been wearing my hair up a lot more because of the heat.I also have recently re-gauged my ears to 00(that explains the huge captive bead rings I'm rocking in a few pics)

hair wrap:hand made by me
necklace: handmade for little a.korn designs by me
tank: rainbow
skirt american apparel
flats: macys

flower-made by me for little a.korn designs
necklace hot topic

boots-wally marty

bow-hot topic
necklace-handmade by me for little a.korn designs

belt-steve madden
necklace-hot topic
footless tights-macys
sandals-hot tomato

ok that's all folks!!!


  1. its so awesome to see a woman of color rock the alternative look.
    i live in the bay area and i RARELY see someone like you and i.
    it kind of sucks but its awesome when i do see one c'os its like 'HEY YOU'RE LIKE ME!'

    where I live and go to school most of the african american people look at me and go "oh you listen to ROCK? you're an're not even black!"

    its so annoying..

    anyway...i guess the gist of it is, you're totally an inspiration to me haha
    one day when i am out of the corporate world i will stretch my ears and re-pierce my nose.

    keep on rockin'!

  2. WOW!! REALLY?!?! i was born in berekely and lived in oakland til i was seven! i often tell my husband I wonder if my views and thoughts and things i like would be the same had my family stayed there. I have these ideas that if i was there(in california) no one would stare at me or laugh when i walk by.but, guess people are the same everywhere, although i've gotten used to it in my 26 years! keep your head up do whatever feels right for you. i think people here a getting a bit more excepting of the way i and most of my friends look , because the lines between rock and hip hop are starting to blur a bit in the south. hmmm.... have you ever seen the movies "Afro-Punk" ? its a documentary by James Spooner, its really neat, you'd probably enjoy it.
    thanks so much for your kind words! and remember this:
    "dont compromise yourself it's all you've got" -janis joplin


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