Monday, November 2, 2009

little a.korn dreams....coming true

These past few months I have spent all my spare time creating bows,felt flowers,and cloth flowers,emailing and calling back and forth with people concerning craft festivals and Christmas events.And now,finally this week is THE BIG WEEK!!On Thursday, I will move in my Christmas display at the The Neely HouseChristmas Cottage.All my bows and flowers will be available for sale! I am very excited about this and hope to generate a little a.korn following in our little town!!

Today I have been using my awesome cricut cutter to make tags,and hand stamping "little akorn" on each card,this takes awhile and may not be the best,but I think it works,is cute,and has lots of love put into it,so it should be ok!

It feels crazy to see all my hard work finally coming together! It also makes me very nervous...what if I don't sell ANYTHING?!?? I will truly be heartbroken :( But I'm going to give it a try and keep it in prayer and I'm sure everything will work out ok.

On Saturday I also have my first ever Craft Festival!It is at Union University's "Arts in The Park" I am super excited about this because Ill get to decorate a neat little table display and since I spent 5 years planning out entire store lay outs and window fronts,I know my display will grab people's attention and will be TOO cute!!

At the beginning of the year I made out a list of 25 things i wanted to do this year (since I was turning 25).I have been blessed to mark off so many of the things on my list and selling my bows and flowers is one of my biggest dreams.I am so thankful that God brought these opportunities my way as a way to use my creative energy to help our family a little.I have a few other things I want to get together as a way to make a little extra cash before the year is over,achieving this goal makes me feel like I can do so much more and for that I am very grateful<3.


  1. adrienne, these are SO CUTE! good luck at the festival!!

  2. I think the tags look adorable, great presentation! I hope you make loads of sells and get your name out and about in your town!

  3. Your goodies look so cute! I hope you sell out faster than you can imagine. :)


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