Saturday, October 31, 2009

pumpkin painting party and little pals...

Zoe's friend from school Olivia invited us to a pumpkin party at her house the other night.Olivia's mommy Rhonda ,is a super seamtress that makes all sorts of amazing outfits ,baby slings, monogramed shirts etc
their website!so much cuteness!!
Anyhoo,we had a very good time !All of Zoe's "crew" was there and she and Amelie had a blast!

So many pretty pumpkins were decorated.

Zoe even brought along a green and white squash pumpkin "thingie" to decorate lol


Amelie was more interested in eh lovely spread of snacks but finally made it into the crafting area for some pumpkin decorating.

I am so happy that Zoe has such a sweet group of friends to play with in and out of playschool.I am even happier that all their moms are very interesting and crafty ladies lol We had such a fun time the other night,I think we are all trying to figure out what type of get together we will have next!!!
three cheers for pumpkin parties,little pals,and crafty mamas!!


  1. it was a fun time indeed! i am so excited that zoe has found little friends with creative moms!


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