Wednesday, October 7, 2009

change of pace...

I must admit.I have thrown myself into blogger with somewhat of a mistaken identity.While I do truly enjoy kids crafts,decorating,baking,etc,I feel that there are so many more layers to me,so many more passions I have not yet embraced here on my little space.We as humans (especially moms ),both young,middle aged,and older,are made up of so many different layers,some we reveal some we hide...I think as moms we sometimes hide away our true passions,for the sake of not wanting to appear selfish.But I feel that if we don't chase our dreams,we are not just hurting ourselves but our children as well.We are teaching them that you should give up on dreams when things get a little hard,or other things come up.I'm not saying anyone should by any means neglect their children to pursue their dreams.What I'm saying is never forget YOUR dreams (even if you aren't a parent) you might have to do other things before taking on your dreams but never put them away,never hide them,and never EVER give up on them!
Im done hiding.
I want to be truly me with this blog(and in my day to day life in general),not the me I think others will like. I am a multi layered girl. I love art,I love fashion,I love (good) music,I love kids,kids crafts,baking,photography,home decor,travel,books,tv (the Bravo channel) is my favorite. While I hope to make friends and meet many new people in the lovely place called blogland,I want to truly be me.I will mix up things a bit more now.There will be some fashion,some great music,some fun recipes,and some "i can't take being fucking marry poppins" moments on here from now on.All accompanied by my mean writings.
(end rant)
Today I have been pacing around the house cleaning up and disinfecting everything in sight(no more sicky germs!!) While doing so ,a song popped into my head , some of you may know it: "Germ Free Adolescents" by the Ex Ray Spex
(ha very fitting for cleaning right?!)(loooove this band)
I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out why on earth zoe and amelie were acting so insane?!? So I thought taking them outside would help?I sat in my green chair,listened to sparta read,Glamour magazine,and scribbled in my journal.

This of course did not last long because the girls insisted on putting dirt on the slide and then sliding down it?!?! Oh me!! It was nice to be out in the cool fall air and day dream about what lovely fall clothing items and accessories I would love to have.But all good things must come to an end right?! Including this blog entry I suppose I will go figure out what to have for dinner,tonight seems like a pizza ordering kind of night!! Have a good day!
ps im sorry if this entry was a bit confusing but I really think it's my best yet,I have a lot to say and just need to say it,instead of beating around the bush,or trying to "fit in"


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adrienne K.