Tuesday, September 1, 2009

make your own sidewalk chalk paint...

Yesterdays weather was AWESOME!!!! Fall is definitely on it's way! While Amelie took a nap inside with Kevin,Zoe and i headed outside with a favorite art material,homemade sidewalk chalk paint! It's very simple to make:

Equal parts corn starch and water,then add food coloring.

Such pretty colors!

And a little goes a loooong way! It's so much fun I even painted with Zoe! Like I said the weather was gorgeous! There were HUGE fluffy clouds in the sky

So we decided to make our own little clouds,rainbows,dots,splats,lines,you name it we did it! And had a ball I might add.

We ended up with a very adorable patio covered in color!

This is such an easy material to make!! I hope everyone makes their own sidewalk chalk paint soon!!

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