Monday, September 14, 2009

We wait we LOVE books in our house,Kevin loves to read,I love to read and the girls love being read to.The girls have a HUGE kids book collection (I'd say 200+ books!) some of them were my childhood books,some were Kevin's,some we've bought them,some were gifts.No matter where they come from,it is safe to say that we have a HUGE collection of children's books.Here are a few of the girls (current) favorites.

"goodnight moon"
"tie a bow book"
"madeline loves animals"
"max and ruby"
"corduroy goes to the doctor"
"bunny cakes"
"llama llama red pajama"
"where the wild things are"

Every night Kevin or I read a book (or books) to the girls before bed .I might read books to them during the day as well,but reading books before bed is a constant never changing activity.

I think no matter how chaotic or day has been reading a book or or three,always changes the mood from panicked and stressed to loving and calm.If you don't already read books with your kiddos at night,try it! It really helps calm you and them down,and takes you to magic places you and they are sure to never forget!

What are some of your favorite books to read to your kids?

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