Sunday, September 6, 2009

birthday flashback

I have spent the day so far working on a hand stitched party banner for Zoe's fourth (under the sea themed) birthday party (I'll show you those later)but now I wanted to have a "birthday party flash back" to her birthday party last year. It was SO much fun to plan and create for. She wanted a circus themed party,so I took the idea and ran with it!

I made her little "three" shirt and her tutu! The colors reminded me of a happy circus,plus we have been rocking tu tus since her first birthday!
The hand made invitations and the hand painted "circus tent event " signs

Happy little decorations and hand made party hats for all her little guests.

Kevin was in charge of balloon animals,I did face painting,and I made the bean bag toss clown from an old box.
There was tons of circus food,corn dogs,popcorn,funnel cakes (homemade) etc.

Birthday's are very special to me. WE dont have a ton of money to spend of lots of stuff we will only use once,so instead I take a little extra time and make things that can be used again and again. I really think the girls will look back and see the amount of love that goes in to each of their birthdays. (no matter how big or small)....that and that their mommy really likes to make stuff!

This year we have decided to not have a party for all her little friends (since she will have a small one at her school)Instead we are just going to have family here for lots of "under the sea" fun and lots of yummy seafood! Im FINALLY getting excited about her party this year.I'm looking forward to what neat stuff I can come up with to make this a fourth birthday to remember.

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