Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ten things i love tuesdays!!

on my other old blog i had a cute little thing going called "10 things i love tuesdays" most of the time i'll post a picture i've taken of things i like during the week or i'll have a link to a web site,product,etc. that has grabbed my attention :) so here it goes....

1. colorful straws!!
we have these straws sitting on our dinner table (instead of our usual vase of flowers from the garden) i think they add a fun,happy touch :) (the straw picture was taken by me :)

2. finding my old play school sesame street record player at my moms house
now zoe and amelie can play with one of my fave child hood toys :)

3. flower art.
i tool this picture in vegas how cute is this little guy?! there were TONS of great photo ops in this beautiful indoor flower garden <3

4. BALLOONS!!!! zoe's music class had a party a few months back and a; the kiddies got balloons (aren't the y pretty!?)

5.hello kitty aluminum thermos!!!! I WANT one of these so bad!!!!

6.carnival type games we took zoe to a birthday party and we played skee ball so much fun :)

we loooove m & ms in our house....aren't they pretty?!

8. art supplies :) we like these melissa and doug crayons around here lately they last awhile and dont break easily <3

9.CUTIES ORANGES!! MMMMMMM what a cute sweet little snack :) (i took this picture a few months ago but we still always have a bag in the fridge<3

10.tea cups ...i left the room one day and came back to find the girls had stacked their hello kitty tea cups like this ...so cute <3

well that's my ten things for this tuesday! i hope you enjoyed!! i'm really happy i got to use a lot of my own pictures for this time too!!

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