Monday, April 4, 2011

New Music Monday

Don't worry your pretty little heads, I have a beautiful Tattooed mommy to feature later on today, but for now Im gonna get your head and ears where I'm at these days (in terms of music)

Ever since I was about 13 years old, I have been in love with the music "no one knows about yet".Music is a HUGE part of my life and it always will be.I went through a "music snob" phase, where I refused to share new music I discovered with anyone but a select few people, for fear of the music getting to the "other" people.But now Im older and could care less,and just want to listen to good music and I'm much better at sharing;)

The art of a "mixed tape" is something so beautiful,and it was the main way my small group of "music elites" shared our music with each other. I'll never forget one of my fave mix tapes (yes an actual TAPE) was left in a shady annoying x boyfriends car on a ride home. (I still miss that tape til this day)Since then, we've grown to cds,and playlists or a simple text "hey check this shit out" So here's a few new bands for you to check out...think of this as my "blog mix tape" to you <3

The first band is a side project for the band "Black Kids" It's a fairly new band called "Gospel Music"

AUTOMOBILE by GOSPEL MUSIC from Triad Publicity on Vimeo.

I declared this song to be my "summer road trip song" back in December. I seriously think it's so fun!!

The next band that is causing me happy little fits of dance party madness is "Tennis"

Let me just say, if you are STILL sitting down not atleast tapping your foot...well...I don't know ?! This song is so adorable! Tennis does have a bit of a Best Coast feel to it, but it's cute enough to stand on it's own, without comparison, I can truly see myself, eyes closed dancing in my own little world to a live version of this song.

The next band isn't really "new" but they aren't that well known. The "New Bloods" are a very unique 'girl group' They have a very interesting sound that I have yet to hear anywhere else.(they also have the neatest flyers for their shows)

The last band I'm going to share with you today, is a very unique band in that I go to school with it's two members. "The Vignettes" are an amazing group I have yet to see live (I will later this month, I CAN'T wait)

I hope you enjoyed you mini mix tape from me to you! Now run,go check these bands out!!

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