Thursday, September 3, 2009

give give GIVEAWAY!!!!

How would you like to win one of mylittle a.korn clipies?!?!?!
well you can!! all you have to do are three things.

1.become a follower of my little blog here :)
2.leave a comment in this post about your favorite entry of mine so far.
3. in the comment leave your name and email.

That's all you have to do to win one of these cuties!!!

Now doesn't that just make you wanna jump for joy?!?!?

ps you can link this give away in your blogs if you'd like (the more the merrier!!!)
this giveaway will be open until next Thursday!!!


  1. I'm the first follower! I was just checking things out and I guess I'll just leave a little comment (if it's not too late) that my fave post is the one about Amelie. I love that movie! Very cute way to hang the pics on the fridge also. My email is

  2. oh im so happy you posted here i was actually going to ask you,since you were the first follower if you'd likea flower clip! I will email you in a bit!! Thanks so much for following! iI hope to talk to you more soon!!


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