Sunday, August 9, 2009

international food love.

a few weeks ago we checked out a book at the library by Rosemary Wells called "YOKO"

This book was the very sweet tale of a little girl (yoko) who each day brought a lunch of sushi to school. The other kids teased her about this...I won't give away all of the book incase you want to read it with your child, it is a very cute story, with adorable sushi pictures.

The cute pictures and Zoe and Amelie's love of the story prompted me to create them their own sushi to play with. Although they have not really liked the felt food I have made them in the past, they LOVED the felt sushi!!

They played with it for at least an hour (which in 3 year old and 19 month old time is well...a long time) Zoe even set up a little sushi restaurant for her groovy girl dolls! (how cute is that?!)

I hope everyone gets to check this book out or purchase it ! It was truly a delight to read and a great creativity booster for myself and the girls alike!!

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